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Dr. Ron Archer


Cynthia E. Hughes

Cynthia Hughes is a profoundly effective agent of change and a dynamic leader. For the past thirty years she has built three companies around real estate and community development. She will be responsible for managing our community homes for women and men in crisis all over the state of Ohio. Cynthia is a mover and a shaker and knows how to connect the executive suites to the inner city streets for positive sustainability. 

Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson is a visionary leader that effectively maximizes his education and experience to advance the Kingdom of God.  He is the establishmentarian of 2 multi-cultural churches in Cleveland, Ohio: Living Water Church of Christ, (renamed Excellent Glory Worship Center) and The Living Water Church International (where he is currently Pastor). He is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer  (CEO) of Power 2 Become Ministries, Inc., and the Bishop/Apostolic Leader of The Power Network International

Joseph helps leaders realize their potential, as a John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Certified Leadership Trainer and Church Consultant, Toler Leadership Institute, at Ohio Christian University, as well as a Certified “Healthy Church” Coach and a Certified Church Executive.


Joseph served in numerous leadership capacities for the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ over the past 30 years, including Director of International Evangelism, Deputy Region Coordinator, Clergy Conference Director, and Executive Asst. to Diocese Bishop, Ohio Missions Director, and District Elder in Northern Ohio.  He also served two terms as President of the Cleveland Apostolic Ministerial Fellowship.

He is a licensed leadership training and behavioral consultant and certified leader with Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, and is said to have the Vision of an Apostle, the Boldness of a Prophet, the Zeal of an Evangelist, the Watchfulness of a Pastor, and the Wisdom of a Teacher.”

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Baldwin-Wallace University with a focus in Management and Organization.  His certifications span leadership, church planting, and organizational development.

Joseph is the author of “Walking Towards Christ with the Apostle Paul – A Journey from Faith to Faith” and “Preaching PEWS – An Everyday Believers Guide To Faith Sharing”. An honored member of 2011 Who’s Who in Black Cleveland.

Joseph has been nicknamed “The Mobile University,” for his readiness to deliver in-depth teaching and training, anywhere and anytime.  He is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building the systems and culture within organizations that foster soul winning.


Kenneth and April Bailey

April and Kenny are simply winners. What ever they put their hands to they are more than conquerors. April as an award winning educator, real estate developer, inspirational speaker and life long learner. April has a passion for developing young people through the riggers of education and skill development. She will be developing the curriculum and plan for the Hope Academy. April will be head up our Hope Academy summer of excellence career and life skills camps for at Risk Youth at the Place of Hope. Kenny will head up our Mens Celebrate Recovery programs and our youth sports ministry. Kenny has been a highly successful Human Resources Professional for many years and is a sought after corporate trainer. He was collegiate football player and is an excellent golfer. Kenny is a natural servant later who has a gift for real estate development and investing.  He manages the Place of Hope properties. He will also heading up our Half Way House personal developlent programs.

Pastor Willie and Delores Ray

“Delores Ray is the woman who Led Dr. Ron Archer to Jesus Christ as a young boy.”


Willie Ray has been a minister of the Gospel for over 30 years.  He has served as an Associate Minister at the Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio from 1978-1992 and from 2001 to the present.


He also served as an Associate Minister at Central Baptist Church and Bible Baptist Church from 1992-1994, 1996-2000 and 1995-1996 respectively.


He is a bible scholar who also uses his calling as a Sunday School Instructor, Marriage Class Counselor, City Mission Youth Teacher and as a Warren Bible Institute professor.


He will oversee the spiritual life and development as Senior Pastor of Hope Fellowship Church, Cleveland Campus at 2910 Lee Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio.


Mrs. Delores Ray has had an amazing journey with God.

At the age of 26 on Christmas Eve in the Lee/Harvard Community of Cleveland, Ohio her then Husband Arthur Mauk, Jr., went out to purchase cranberry sauce for the family Christmas Dinner. As he was leaving the store, he was shot three times in the stomach and his body placed in a garbage dumpster.On Christmas Day 1969, the police came to the door to inform her that her husband had been robbed and murdered. She discovered at age 26 she was a widow with three young children, Richard 7 years old, Rachel 5 years old and Rodney 2 years old. Instead of feeling sorry for herself and blaming others  for her pain, hurt and misfortune she redirected her life to serve God through her pain. She transformed Misery into Ministry. Per Dr. Archer, “she became the “Mother Theresa” of Cleveland.” 


It became her life’s purpose and passion to share the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many of the young people living in her community. She would take as many unchurched kids as she could pile into her car to Christian Camps, Sunday School, Bible Study, Youth Meeting, Awana Club and Sunday Church Services. One of those unchurched kids was Ron Archer.  Because of her dedication, love and care, Ron became a Christian as a youth. He grew to become a global leader in Business, Military, the NFL and the Church world.

Ron, because of Delores, has pastored and planted many churches and has served as Bishop and Pastor Leadership Coach to churches in Atlanta, Maryland, Houston, Cleveland, Jamaica, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Berlin Ohio, Africa, Italy, Germany and now Cuba.


Just last year she lost her youngest son, Roman Ray at age 32, from her union with Pastor Ray.  Pastor Ray bravely conducted the funeral and delivered the eulogy. Mrs. Delores Ray is an amazing woman of faith, persistence and deep conviction.The Place of Hope is honored to have her as our first lady and church mother.


Willie and Delores are shining examples of what God can do to influence the lives for others for generations.


Ron and Cathy Tijerina

Created out of Ron and Cathy Tijerina’s journey to overcome seemingly impossible odds, TYRO is a character development program focused on the family. TYRO now has become an international organization that to equips individuals, institutions and organizations with skills they need to be responsible parents and partners, better communicators, reliable employees, and positive role models.

All I want to do with my life is to know God and make His mercy and grace known to all.


I want the Place of Hope to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.

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