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Dr. Ron Archer

Speaker and Life Coach

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Dr. Ron Archer is the Founder and Chairman of an international leadership development think tank, a cutting edge entrepreneur and a best selling author. Ron Archer has cultivated an extensive following among the most highly respected and influential business leaders across the globe. Reaching more than 250,000 people a year through speaking engagements alone, and over a million through satellite simulcasts, Ron Archer is committed to developing organizations of excellence and innovation by providing the finest motivational messages and training for personal and professional growth.


Ron Archer is not your traditional business keynote lecturer; he has been described by one Fortune 500 executive as a “life altering encounter and an emotional/intellectual experience where all of your faculties are fully charged. He will educate, energize, entertain and empower your group with his James Earl Jones type voice, dramatic speaking tone, rapidly changing pitch, combined with a photographic memory and personal transparency. When he finishes speaking to your group they will kick down the doors to get back to work to apply what he has so powerfully shared with them....He is a guaranteed standing ovation!!”


Ron Archer’s speaking style has been described by one Military Leader as “exhilarating, enthralling, riveting and most importantly results oriented. Ron listens to your needs in his pre-speech interview assessment and then speaks directly to the issues with tremendous skill and tact. People are literally changed by an undeniable encounter with this living miracle and embodiment of the American Spirit. He is truly a great American Success Story.” 

Ronaldo Archer was born to a teenage single mother in a low-income inner section city of Cleveland, Ohio. He was cruelly called by some a “Trick Baby.” Ron’s early childhood was a life and death struggle for sanity. Being an illegitimate child growing up around heroin addicts, drug dealers and violence, Ron developed a sever stutter as a result of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. His White German grandmother and his Black Cuban Grandfather experienced tragedy early in their lives. His grandfather was sent to prison for nearly killing a man for calling his White wife a “Nigger Lover.” His grandmother lost her job due to the negative publicity surrounding her husband’s conviction and eventually lost her eye and her health to cancer. 

Undeniable Faith and Unyielding Determination made the Difference. 

With no father at home, no financial stability, being a welfare dependent family, Ron developed a deep sense of personal shame and low self esteem... 

Illegitimate, Black, Poor, Learning Disabled, Teenage Mother, Imprisoned Grand Father and a Crime infested environment; all the ingredients for another wasted life, right? Wrong!! 

Thanks in part to the love of a special teacher in his elementary school and a spiritual neighbor who took him to church; a spring thaw occurred in his once dreary life. Ron was introduced to a world of faith, hope and positive belief. Every night before bed Ron would read his Bible into an old Goodwill tape recorder to overcome his stuttering, he experienced the joys of learning and began to believe that in America, with faith and hard work, dreams could be attained by anyone. 

He discovered it is not were you start in life but where you believe you can go, if you are willing to climb and not quit, if you are willing to work and not whine. 

He earned a scholarship to an all white prep high school. With his new found faith and confidence he went on to graduate with honors, became the first black student body president in the history of this prestigious prep school. 

Today, as an award winning orator, college professor, author and television personality, Ron has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity, self pity and failure and live up to their God given potential. It is a message Ron Archer has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to their lives.


His philosophy is that innovation comes from collaboration and collaboration comes from Dunamis. Dunamis is an ancient Greek word that defines power as the ability to gain the voluntary commitment of others to achieve an objective they initially believed to be unattainable through Eros, Phileo, Storgeo and Agape. It is the power to transform pain into power; to transform wounds into wisdom and failure into fortune. 

Ron began his career as a speech writer and coordinator of the Loaned Executive Program for the Mayor of the city of Cleveland while still Junior in College. Upon graduation from college he used his mayoral platform and corporate relationships from his work on the loaned executive committee to secure his first Fortune Five Hundred corporate position as the Manager of Empowerment, Self Directed Teaming and Process Improvement for 25 manufacturing plants throughout North America. This work lead to the writing of his first best selling book, published by McGraw Hill “On Teams” a guide for designing and implementing self directing high performing work teams. 

Ron serves as a leadership consultant to Four Star General B. B. Bell, Three Star General Sanchez, the U.S. Army Europe and 7th Army, US Army Korea, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Football League Players and Coaches, Fortune 500 Companies and Pastors throughout the world. 

He has been honored with the Dr. Martin Luther Leadership Award for his work developing third world leaders and his television training series, Peak Performance under Peak Pressure was awarded a "Telly" for best leadership program of the year. 

Ron has a passion for developing young people. He has coached little league football for fifteen years and volunteers for the Future Farmers of America, Inroads and the Upward Bound program.


Recently, he has partnered with the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the committed educational professionals in the state of Georgia with their mission of no child left behind. He wants every child to discovery the joys of learning and to experience liberation of an educated mind. 

Dr. Archer and his staff provide Leadership Development Workshops, Team Building Seminars, Revivals, Crusades, Bible Conferences, Men's Retreats, Women's Ministries, Communication Seminars, Conflict Resolution Simulations, Appreciative Inquiry Strategic Planning, Organizational Reengineering Processes, Workshops and Sermons on Videos, DVDs, CDs, Workbooks, Books and Tapes. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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