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Raven Harrison


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Raven Harrison is a fearless, Christian powerhouse, now widely known as the Conservative Warrior. Raven is a Texas born, military raised, Native/African American, Constitutional fire-breather; the likes of which haven’t been seen before. Raven was made for this time, born to make history and ready to share the incredible journey led by God. Raven is electrifying people across the nation with her signature fire, focus and patriotism.

Raven is academically gifted; she skipped 2 grades and left for college at age 16. She graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science and raced full speed into a successful corporate marketing career. Raven was behind some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history as an industry pioneer and executive. She managed budgets in the tens of millions for companies like IBM and Shell Oil. After more than 2 decades with global agencies; Raven went on to found two companies; a boutique marketing firm and a celebrity event planning company called Race 2 the Raven. Raven set aside her business and personal ventures when God called her to run for the United States Congress in 2021 from her home state of Texas. Raven is now a fulltime political activist; fighting CRT, political corruption and on the front lines fighting to protect her family, country and freedoms. Raven has drawn audiences and alliances with the most powerful names in the conservative movement.

She is the daughter of not one, but 2 highly decorated United States Air Force Lt. Colonels combat veterans. Raven was raised in service to this country and has lived in some of the most dangerous places all over the world. Raven is married to Paul, a retired United States Air Force C 17 and commercial airline pilot. Raven and Paul have 2 amazing children, Patience and Major.

A book detailing Raven’s incredible life and story; including having a parent in the Pentagon on 9-11, being at the Vegas massacre and other harrowing testimony is due in early fall of 2022. Raven has a podcast and is active in conservative causes. Raven is God’s general in the war against evil. Her faith, pedigree and unwavering temperament have made her a dynamic force to counter the evil that threatens our country.



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